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921 Kimberton Rd, Chester Springs, PA 19425
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  9:30 - 7:00  TUESDAY
  9:30 - 5:30  WEDNESDAY
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REVEAL Salon Owner

“A defining moment for me
was when my brother
gave me a
case of hairspray
for my fourteenth birthday..."

- Susan Stevens

Susan Stevens - Owner, Stylist, graduated from Gordon Phillips Beauty School in 1994 and began her career in a newly opened, upscale salon where her input and professionalism set a high standard.
Susan is a master stylist and colorist. She also maintains top performance of all other aspects of Beauty for which she is licensed in the state of Pennsylvania. She combines the science of cosmetology with the art of her talents -always in a real and service oriented fashion. Susan performs transformations that reveal a woman's inner beauty -not only through cosmetic service but with a charismatic gift. Susan relates personally on a level that clearly demonstrates her sincerity and passion for bringing out the very best in her clientele. For short or long term goals, Susan works to further accomplish maximum results as she continues to grow right along with the women she treats.
She is amply experienced in maneuvering and styling large groups, such as wedding parties, including hair, make-up and dressing for photography standards. She can make the preparation for a special event a fabulous event in itself, an experience to treasure.
Historically, she is also experienced in styling nightclub performances, including hair, nails, make-up and outfits, with multiple changes of each per show.
She has been recognized and awarded for Total Look throughout her career.
Women/girls of all ages find being in Susan's care is a delightful experience.
Susan keeps her education and that of her staff up to date and stays on the cutting edge of today's practices and style trends.
Her vision for REVEAL is effectively realized by her team, who share it wholeheartedly.
(BIO by Webber)

REVEAL Salon Manager
Jenn Musselman - Salon Manager, 

brings several years of leadership experience to REVEAL.
She is a graduate of International Professional Executive Coaching Institute (IPEC) and West Chester University. Jenn is a certified Professional Life and Executive Coach, she specializes in assisting and guiding staff and clientele to reach their highest potential and to accomplish their goals. Along with coordinating salon operations, serving others is Jenn’s main focus.

REVEAL Salon Stylists
Tina Louise Slater - Stylist, is outstanding in her artistry. She has a unique talent for tailoring a haircut to an individual - to an exceptional outcome. As a colorist, she specializes in dimensional coloring; Balayage; Ombre; vivid colors; getting it beyond right - to awe inspiring!
Her clients stand out. Tina graduated from Pulse Beauty Academy in 2010

Michele Maholland - Stylist, is a 2015 graduate of TCHS Pickering and licensed cosmetologist with six years of salon experience. Michele loves styling and coloring hair. She also provides various spa services at the salon. Making her clients feel great about themselves and seeing the smiles on their faces is her ultimate goal. She considers her clients to be her extended family and welcomes everyone with passion and excitement!

Alissa Hague - Esthetician, is a licensed graduate of Pulse Beauty Academy, on the edge of the latest technology. She is motivated and enthusiastic to help others feel their very best in their own skin. An advocate for Healthy Lifestyle, she has worked in the Fitness industry for over twenty-five years. She is dedicated to helping women feel strong and confident, emphasizing that skincare provides an effective means to feeling beautiful inside and out.

Cindy Ledden - Makeup Artist, Beauty Consultant, Salon Assistant,
is an experienced master of all styles of makeup application. See Cindy for a special event makeup application, a natural look makeup application or any style in-between. Plan your appointment with Cindy to coincide with your hair and/or spa appointment at the salon.
Cindy also provides sessions for one-on-one education and application of skincare and makeup. Treat yourself to a session with Cindy and automatically treat others who will look upon your resultant radiance!
Cindy began makeup and styling for friends at an early age. She has been professionally involved in the field for over twenty-five years, focusing on women's inner and outer health and beauty. She is constantly learning new things in her fields of interest and performs assistance with services at REVEAL with passion and dedication.


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